O cangaceiro, o jagunço, a donzela e a cobra
The bandit, the gunman, the maiden and the snake



His father's killer 
Has never gone to the jail. 
The man had an uniform and a riffle. 
“Nobody knows, nobody talks”. 
All time he remembers that, 
His anger burns in flames.

 But his revenge did not delay, 
He wasn't a done man. 
At age fourteen, 
Already to make badness. 
The cop fell hard, 
with seven bullets in the chest. 

 Barrabas accepted him 
Underneath his wings, 
To make him an outlaw, 
Dangerous and feared. 
If the damned walks in the street, 
Better to be home. 

That was Januário, 
Born to be rebel. 
Early into banditism, 
To live under the “law of steel”. 
But a fine waist 
Was always his weakness.

Valdomiro from Itabuna, 
Bounty hunter.
He'll buy leather boots 
Put teeth of gold.
Opens a wide smile, 
"what a great joy."

"Call your mother now, 
I want meat with beans."
"Where are you from man, 
Thinking I'm a doormat?"
"Boy, I am your dad. 
Come kiss me a hand "

"I've needed a father someday, 
But he disappeared in the world. 
Go away you naughty dog. 
By you I was not created."
 Here at mommy's home 
A bum doesn't dwells. "

The conversation comes heated 
And the knife talks louder.
So, son kills father. 
He'll never goes to heaven.
A damnation he loads 
So far beyond death.

Januario burns in fever,
He's hallucinating.
Poison damn strong,
His fate is sealed.
At the Valdomiro's face
Saw the mug of a dragon.

The sky turns red
The caatinga melts down.
The horizon turns and runs,
The floor unsettles.
At the command of the poison,
He looks like a puppet.

Valdomiro realizes
The weakness of the enemy.
Will take benefit of this,
First a blow along chest.
The second is lower,
To drilling deep into navel.

The bandit is stubborn,
The kind who doesn't give up.
And the more he tries,
Bloody are his clothes.
I tell you this brave
Will not survive this fray.

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